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Member Benefit:

Category: Computer — Hardware
Category: Computer — Software

Product/Service Description

Maker of Macintosh computers and the MacOS operating system. The company also sells:

  • iPad notebooks
  • iPod MP3 players
  • iWork suite (spreadsheet, word processor, slideshow)
  • iLife suite (Garage Band, iMovie, iPhoto)
  • Aperture photo manager
  • Third-party products such as Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office

Member Benefit


The Apple Association Member Purchase Program includes:

  • Free standard shipping on orders over $50
  • Special member discounts on Apple products.
    What discount will you get? It depends on what and when you buy. Discounts vary and can change periodically. Call or log in for pricing.



Apple also offers a 24-month 0% leasing option (some restrictions apply) on new hardware and software.


Please note: This program is only offered online. Local Apple stores and third-party re-sellers usually do not offer this program. Employees in Apple-owned stores have no flexibility in pricing. However, third-party dealers may be willing to negotiate.



  • Apple now limits you to 3 iPads and 3 CPU purchases per calendar year under this program.
  • No discount on software downloads. Only items that are physically shipped are discounted.

How to Acquire Benefit

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